Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, that was quite a weekend. The Folk Festival seemed to have record numbers of visitors - downtown was jam packed with festival goers! Art in the Courtyard was a smashing success, with loads of people browsing the arts/ crafts, and pulling out their credit cards so that they could take a little piece of Lowell home with them.

I was under a big tent with Liz, Candace, and a few others... Liz and Candace were great to share tent space with - we could watch each other's tables when the other had to run out and do other stuff, and our work is different enough to draw in a wide variety of shoppers - it was great!

We ALMOST made it through the weekend without having to deal with the rain... but about 45 minutes before the weekend was over, the skies opened up and gave us downpours and claps of thunder. I got a phone call from a friend about 5 minutes before the rain hit, telling me "Pack now, or you're gonna get wet!" It gave us enough of a head start that we could make sure that none of our important stuff got wet. Thank goodness!

I'm taking today to recover and collect myself to get back to enjoying the summer - it is zipping by so quickly!

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Marianne said...

I'm glad you were able to pack before the rain hit!