Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to the Grind... with bug bites!

Well, my summer is now over... I am back at school as of today. My coworkers who are back (administration only until next week) are all savagely tan (and wrinkly, ha ha on them), and we spent the first hour of the day sharing stories of what we did on our summer vacations.

It's all good, except for one thing: my feet feel like I am wearing bags of fire ants on them. A few days ago, my feet got eaten alive at an evening party, which was held outside under a tent. The bites have swollen into sausages covered in white welts with little blisters on top. Each step (or blow of the fan) is an exercise in itchy insanity! I somehow managed to put on some flip flops and hobble down the hallway to get to work, but ran back, and plastered the tops of my feet with bandages and medical tape. I also took an antihistamine, and I somehow made it to work. I will hopefully survive the day, and I am crossing my fingers that no one gives me a hard time about walking around barefoot.

The bites hurt too much for me to want to scratch them.

If you were here, I would whine a lot to you. Lucky for you that you are somewhere else.

In other news, I have finished a whole lot of knitting (and a little crocheting). I have finished the February Lady Sweater, Rusted Root (short sleeve sweater), a scarf, a neckwarmer, some slippers, and some hats. I will share pictures soon!

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