Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am a vampire.

Well, sort of.

I am a pretty fair skinned individual. Additionally, I burn really fast - I have been known to start burning within 10-15 minutes, actually. I really have to plan ahead when I might be caught outdoors for a while, because I have to put sunblock on BEFORE getting in the sun... after all, it takes 20 minutes for sunblock to soak in, which is already too late. Lobsterface.

Anyway, I do not like the beach, unless I can be in the shade... it's all hot, and trying to manage sunblock in between dips in the ocean, with some sand mixed in... without shade, it is just not bearable or enjoyable to me.

Case in point: not wanting to go all the way to the beach given my pasty disposition, I went to Walden Pond today. It was gorgeous out today - sunny, light breeze, perfect, really. I even found a shady spot in the sand, spread out my towel, and laid down.

Fifteen minutes later, the sun had shifted and I was in full on sun. There was nowhere else to move to, because it was quite crowded, so I tried to get comfortable. I shifted and squirmed, tried covering my face with a towel, flipped from front to side to back to other side, but it just wasn't working. I was caught in the sun, and was squirming like a vampire turning to dust... it burnsssss, it BURNNNSSSSSS!

I was proud of myself... I lasted an hour. I really enjoyed the shady moment, and I also enjoyed the Bomb Pop I got before I left. Mmmmm. Red flavor. White flavor. Blue flavor!


aweso said...

eh, me too! from white to red in minutes, no shades of brown here.

'round these parts, we calls them bomb pops "firecrackers"..

KnittingKnirvana said...

I am with you. I am a complete and total vampire.