Sunday, August 31, 2008

Laundry Room Woes

One would think that people who were well-off enough to own a condo would behave in a civilized manner in the communal laundry room. Well, you would be wrong.

For a while, we had the renegade 'dryer opener', who would sneak in and open your dryer, leaving your clothes damp and sad.

Then, there are people who leave their items in the washer/ dryer for days, apparently unable to keep track of the time so conveniently displayed in glowy green numbers atop the machines.

Sometimes, those people leave angry notes if you take their clothes out of the machine, evidently feeling that a communal washer is the PERFECT place to store clothing... who needs dressers and wardrobes when you've got your clothes wadded up in a wet ball at the bottom of a washing machine?

Today was extra special. I am a conscientious laundry room user - I set an alarm so that I can get down to keep my laundry moving quickly, in case anyone else needs to do laundry. Today, I got down several minutes before the dryers were scheduled to be done, and all of my laundry was out of the dryer, and someone else's laundry was running on my quarter! Even worse, a bunch of my shirts were still damp. It irks me to no end! It's invasive: touching my undies without a good reason. It's rude and it's stealing: I put those quarters in there to dry MY clothes, not someone else's!

I left a polite yet FIRM note sharing my opinion on the situation. And yes, I signed it. I know just who did it, too. Grrrrr.

Well, thanks for letting me vent. I frequently think about having a washer/dryer installed, but I am very pressed for space, and anywhere appropriate to put a dryer is really far away from anywhere that it could vent to the outside. Plus, any time I think about putting a washer/dryer into the bathroom, I then start thinking about how crummy the ripped-up linoleum looks, and how much I hate my wobbly toilet and cheap-looking sink and shower.

Grumble grumble.


Stacey said...

Ugh, I hated sharing a laundry room, I had my first knitted sweater stolen out of the dryer once. I left a nasty note & it showed up on my doorstep, thank goodness.

KnittingKnirvana said...

I've had baaaaad experiences in laundry rooms and laundry mats. When we purchased our house, having our very own washer and dryer was one of the highlights. I was so, so happy to do my laundry in complete privacy.

Kudos to you for signing your name!!

Liz @ Lush Beads said...

My previous apartment (the one I just moved out of) had a dryer that vented into the unit. It vented into a box that you filled with water. It made your place nice and humid. So, it is possible to have a dryer that doesn't vent to the outdoors.

Maybe just get an apartment-sized washer, and do your drying downstairs? Or vice versa?

sukeyknits said...

That's really annoying! I have to say that I love my current situation. My landlords put in one washer and dryer per unit - we each have our very own which seemed strange at first but really wonderful once you start using them. And yet, to be more green, I've started drying most of my clothes the old fashioned way - on racks. I'm still trying to figure out how to put up a clothes line, but drying racks work wonderful. And I have a friend who swears it makes her clothes with elastic last twice as long. Anyways, good luck!