Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Relative Success!

So, yesterday was orientation day for the teachers in my building. Last Thursday afternoon, my boss asked me if I could put together some information to review with the teachers about Second Step (the violence prevention program that is used in our building), avoiding burnout, and child development. She then told me I had 25 minutes in which to do it. Um, 25 minutes??? They dedicate full year college courses to child development alone! *boggle*

So, I decided to cheat just a little and talk mainly about avoiding teacher burnout, while adding in a little splash of child development for good measure. So, the good news is that the teachers didn't scorn me out of the room, and some of them asked good questions, and showed lukewarm interest in the workshop series I'll be presenting. (hey, on orientation day, lukewarm is about as toasty as we get!) AND, both yesterday and today, several teachers approached me to talk a bit more about what I had presented, making comments and saying that they had thought more about what we had talked about. I was quite pleased!

So, the next steps are to finish organizing the workshops, and to try and schedule them on days/ times that the teachers would actually be able to attend. I guess we'll see what happens! One thing I'm more than a little worried about is one teacher who is quite excited to attend, but is disturbingly free of any concern around social appropriateness or social cues. She is also a serious blabbermouth. She will talk and talk and talk and talk and talk... even if you turn around and walk away and are not talking to her any more, (after the appropriate "okay, I have to go now, goodbye") she will continue to chase after you and keep talking. She has followed teachers into the bathroom. She has chased people out of the building to their cars. The thought of having to control her during a workshop is definitely daunting! I will have to try and establish some sort of stern, battleaxe persona with her prior to the workshops, so she is a little scared of me. Hmmmm.


Marianne said...

Yay for you, work superstar!

KnittingKnirvana said...

That is wonderful!