Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Too Cool!

So, I love Ravelry. I mean, don't we all, really? One of the features I find to be very fun is browsing patterns. One day, I might want to look at hundreds of sock patterns, the next day, perhaps I'm perusing crocheted caps. Another way to find beautiful patterns is to take a look at the projects that one's friends have favorited. If I remember correctly, that is how I came across this Hawaiian Flowers Lap Blanket: (Ravelry link)

It's bright and pretty and definitely a departure from the typical "Granny Square" blanket. However, the owner/ creator of this blanket made it a long time ago and has no idea where the pattern is.

Coincidentally, I also found another crocheter on Ravelry who has a blog; her name is Sarah London. She makes beautiful crocheted items, and just yesterday, she had a blog entry where she shared a cool design tip for one of her readers. So, on a whim, I left a comment giving her another challenge: to try and recreate the above blanket. Guess what - she took up the challenge! Check out her blog here - she's going for it! I'll be looking forward to the results.


Lynne said...

Your shoes rock... that blanket is too cool! I almost wish I had the patience to crochet :)

KnittingKnirvana said...

That is too cool!! I can't wait to see how Sara does it. Keep us posted!

aweso said...

whoa. too many ends to weave in!! what a feat..