Friday, September 19, 2008

(Insert string of profanities here)

ARRRRGHHHHH! On Talk Like A Pirate Day, I ought to be happy and shivering me timbers. But instead, I am cursing my inconsiderate neighbors and their slovenly laundry habits... once again! I thought for certain that 3 pm on a Friday afternoon would be a nice, quiet time to do laundry, but noooOOOooooo. Every single working washer and dryer were full with abandoned laundry, including one washer that had the same moldy clothes in it as last Sunday! Disgusting! I pulled wet laundry out of two of the washers, and crossed my fingers that that person wouldn't show up to the dryers before i got back. They got back like TWO MINUTES before my laundry was done washing! Makes me SO MAD. People need to f-ing learn how to tell d@mn time.

I called the plumber. It's getting to the point that I'd rather put the cost of laundry hookup on my credit card than put up with idiot neighbors any longer.

The laundry room now sounds like sour, moldy laundry, and my desire to rip others' laundry apart with my teeth is at an all time high.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photos - where are they?

Many apologies to those of you who visit hoping to see pictures of projects I've been working on - I have been quite lax in that arena. I can tell you that I started (and abandoned for the moment) a lovely lace scarf, Started and finished a silk tank top, and am getting toward the end of a blue cardigan. The silk tank top has even been worn in public, and the verdict was that it was flattering, particularly in the boobular region. Success! Too bad the verdict was passed along by a gal pal, rather than, say, a smolderingly sexy, single, heterosexual, emotionally stable, tall, employed and housed, man. But whatever... maybe next time!

However, now that I'm back at work, I get home when the light is poor in my apartment, and can think of all kinds of things to do other than photographing my knitting! So, my humblest of apologies. Just think, though... when I finally get around to taking pictures, there will be MEEEELIONS of them, each more yarny than the next!

Monday, September 15, 2008


You know what I hate? Being sick all weekend! What is THAT all about! Poor planning, indeed. Many Kleenexes gave their lives to the cause. I just couldn't use a handkerchief this weekend; they are not designed to sustain such abuse.

To make matters worse, I had no groceries, so I HAD to leave the house on Saturday. I'm sure people steered clear of me - I feel like I must have just looked extra germy to the world.

I'm feeling better today, which is good. However, it is so extremely muggy out today, and, mysteriously enough, is also extremely muggy INSIDE work, as well. Not an ideal setup, really.

I did get a fair bit of knitting done over the weekend while watching Netflix movies (and movies on TV once the Netflix ones were viewed), which was nice, and I also cooked a bunch of food for the week last night: teriyaki quinoa with tofu, lentils with rice, and some egg salad. I also bought popsicles, and I have a feeling I'll be looking forward to one at the end of the day today. Yum.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yet Another Impulsive Idea

So, you all may remember how I took some tap dancing lessons this spring and summer - I decided to do so quite impulsively, and had a great time!

This time, I know perfectly well that I am not going to have a great time...

I signed up for a twice a week boot camp style workout class. Squats, pushups, jumping rope, more pushups, running, crunches, you get the idea. And today, it was raining. We had to lie down outside on the grass in the rain...

My hope is that six weeks from now, it will not suck quite as badly as it did today! Oof!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

300 posts! plus one!

Okay, so I missed announcing that my last post was the 300th. And I certainly never remember my blogiversary... it was two years in March. I did think that it was cool to note that I had 300 things that I wanted to write down for the public to have access to, should they choose to.

Blogging is really weird that way... people post things about themselves that we would never have dreamed of sharing with the world 20 years ago. Of course, the internet changed all of that. It is now easier to keep in touch with friends, 'chat' online, see pictures of what our pals have been up to, and even make friends with people whom we have never met, and may never meet!

It's all pretty cool to me... I hope this internet thingy sticks around for a while!