Friday, September 19, 2008

(Insert string of profanities here)

ARRRRGHHHHH! On Talk Like A Pirate Day, I ought to be happy and shivering me timbers. But instead, I am cursing my inconsiderate neighbors and their slovenly laundry habits... once again! I thought for certain that 3 pm on a Friday afternoon would be a nice, quiet time to do laundry, but noooOOOooooo. Every single working washer and dryer were full with abandoned laundry, including one washer that had the same moldy clothes in it as last Sunday! Disgusting! I pulled wet laundry out of two of the washers, and crossed my fingers that that person wouldn't show up to the dryers before i got back. They got back like TWO MINUTES before my laundry was done washing! Makes me SO MAD. People need to f-ing learn how to tell d@mn time.

I called the plumber. It's getting to the point that I'd rather put the cost of laundry hookup on my credit card than put up with idiot neighbors any longer.

The laundry room now sounds like sour, moldy laundry, and my desire to rip others' laundry apart with my teeth is at an all time high.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! Ayer Lofts did not plan laundry very well. They should a laundry room on each floor instead of only in the basement.

Amanda said...

you got that right, anonymous!

i am SERIOUSLY looking into getting my own laundry... i think i'm willing to start selling my belongings or something to raise the money!

Liz said...

that's what you get in a building full of artists. if they were accountants i bet that would never happen!! :)

a space (and potentially money) saving idea is a combo washer/dryer. i have had one for two years now and i love it!

sukeyknits said...

It all makes sense now why you were so interested in the washer/dryers yesterday. Good luck in getting your own set. Or at least even just a washer. May the plumbing/venting/price tag be in your favor.