Monday, September 15, 2008


You know what I hate? Being sick all weekend! What is THAT all about! Poor planning, indeed. Many Kleenexes gave their lives to the cause. I just couldn't use a handkerchief this weekend; they are not designed to sustain such abuse.

To make matters worse, I had no groceries, so I HAD to leave the house on Saturday. I'm sure people steered clear of me - I feel like I must have just looked extra germy to the world.

I'm feeling better today, which is good. However, it is so extremely muggy out today, and, mysteriously enough, is also extremely muggy INSIDE work, as well. Not an ideal setup, really.

I did get a fair bit of knitting done over the weekend while watching Netflix movies (and movies on TV once the Netflix ones were viewed), which was nice, and I also cooked a bunch of food for the week last night: teriyaki quinoa with tofu, lentils with rice, and some egg salad. I also bought popsicles, and I have a feeling I'll be looking forward to one at the end of the day today. Yum.

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