Monday, October 27, 2008

Dolly Fever

All summer, I was feeling a little guilty about my dolls. I own several dolls *ahem*. However, over the summer, they were literally collecting dust! I was wondering if the interest was a fleeting thing, and prepared myself to start selling some of them.

However, the cooler weather arrived, and suddenly, I was ALL about the dolls again. Making little clothes, pulling open their heads and changing their eye colors, and even... buying more dolls! I did end up selling a few of them in order to fund the new ones. I also customized one of them with the hopes of selling her to make some money, but she was just so cute that I HAD to keep her. There is NO WAY I could send her away!

Here is what she looked like before:

Initially, I wanted to dye her hair bright red and give her bangs, but that was an experiment that did NOT turn out the way I had wanted it to... AT ALL. So, I decided to go crazy with the experimentation, and started carving her lips. I then took a blank scalp and rooted it with mohair, changed her eye colors, and gave her new makeup. She now looks totally different! Looking back at old pics like the one above sometimes makes me sorry I no longer have the pinkish haired girl... but the new one is ssoooooo cute.

I did a silly photo shoot the other day. Her new name is "Apple".

First, she climbed a tree:

Then, she hid out in the bushes:

Next, she decided to kick some leaves...

"Apple! Where are your shoes???"
"I don't KNOW... they could be anywhere, really!"

"Um, you're supposed to be looking for your shoes..."

Apple insisted on pushing the elevator button on the way home. She said it was because she KNEW I would do it WRONG.

It was fun to give her such a giant makeover, and I enjoy doing silly photostories every once in a while. Now, I am waiting for one of my 'dream dollies' in the mail... a couple of other Blythe collectors and I went in on a yahoo japan auction for 3 used dolls... evidently, Japanese collectors are not too keen on used dolls, so we got them for a steal!

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