Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote, vote, vote, like a baby stoat!

That is what Cute Overload told me this morning when I got up earlier than usual, to try and vote before work. I had previously been unaware that baby stoats voted, but I suppose I stand corrected!

I basically rolled out of bed into some jeans, a jacket and a hat (to cover the hair) and stumbled over to my voting location, which is quite close by. Some mouthwash was also involved. I got there right at 7, but the line was long and slow moving. Additionally, it appeared that 3 wards were voting in the same place, but only MY ward had a line out the door. And of course, the ladies thumbing through the books of names and addresses were... doing so quite slowly. So slowly, in fact, that only 2-3 out of perhaps 20 booths were ever filled at one time. AHHHHH! I flew back home afterward and managed to get to work on time... just barely.

But the upshot is, people are coming out in record numbers this year, and I, too, tossed my vote on in there. I'll be going to a friend's house this evening to follow the results as they come in!