Monday, December 01, 2008

A Tiny Bit of Knitting

I can't really post a lot of my recent knitting, as it will be gifted to some very lucky recipients for Christmas. However, I did some miniature knitting for a Secret Santa dolly swap, and since the gift has already arrived to its destination, I can share a picture. The hats, sweater, and scarf were made by me:

Cute, right? I am the most proud of the hat on the right... I came up with the knitting pattern on my own, and made up the crocheted flower without a pattern, and I am NOT the best of crocheters out there! Despite my relative lack of crocheting prowess, I also crocheted a brimmed beanie from a pattern by Amanda of CreativeBlythe.

It would probably look cute with a little crocheted flower, or a button or something... I used some leftover yarn from a super-secret Christmas project. These quickie projects are perfect ways to use up leftover yarn, and they are also very satisfying to make after finishing a long project.

ANYway... that's all I can share right now yarn-wise. I do have a little recap of my shopping experiences from Black Friday, but perhaps I'll share that in a day or two - I need to spread out my blogging a little, since I have been so lax in writing recently!


Cece said...

Oh! I love the one on the right! Super cute.

Jackie said...

So cute! Love both sets!

tnt said...

Very cute. Sounds like you got some great deals on black friday.