Monday, January 05, 2009

Finally, a gigantic knitting update
And we're talking gigantic!

I'm just going to blast you with images and very brief details... these days, all of the specs like pattern, needle size, yarn used are well taken care of on Ravelry. My knitting friends can view them there, and my non knitting friends don't need to be bored by having to look at the details here.

First up, a zig zaggy scarf with a pattern name of Isobel:

Next up, a couple of pairs of felted clogs - the nicer looking pair went to my sister for Christmas, and the lamer pair was made of leftovers from various Christmas knitting projects. They look a bit weird, but they are warm and cozy and remind me of the other projects I made with the yarn:

Next is actually a crochet pattern; it is a baby blanket for my future nephew. My grandmother supplied the yarn, and I supplied the obsessively fast crocheting. My grandma was the one who taught me how to crochet when I was young, so this was an appropriate gift from the both of us:

Next, Christmas stockings for my brother, his wife, and the new baby. After all, it would seem weird for them to have stockings with their names on them, they HAVE to say "mom" and "dad", right?

Here is another crocheted project, the One Skein Scarf, made from leftovers:

And here is a lovely scarf knitted from Malabrigo Lace yarn, the pattern is the Plum Lotus Scarf pattern:

Next up, is the Arbor Sweater, which I knit over the Christmas vacation. It has an I-cord bindoff at the neck, which makes the neckline very stable, rather than stretchy or droopy... a lot of scoop necks tend to sag all over the place, but not this one:

I don't know why I'm burying them way down here in the post, because I'm quite proud of these socks - I knit them with yarn I spun myself:

These next three sweaters were finished a little while ago, but I got my sister to take pictures of me wearing them, rather than me taking a picture of the sweater lying on the floor, as is my custom:

And finally, a groovy pair of socks that I initially wanted to knit for my sister for her birthday, but that never quite worked out... so I gave them to her as a 'just because' over Christmas.

Whew. I hope you enjoyed the parade of knitting pictures. I already have another project to photograph and yet another that I'm currently working on... we'll see how I do about getting them up here on the ol' blog!


Trinity said...

Wow! You have been a busy knitter and crocheter! They are all gorgeous. I especially like the cute sleeves on that last sweater.

Cecily said...

Amanda, Your knitting and crocheting skills are unbelievably amazing. Beautiful, beautiful pieces!

EskimoPam said...

Your work is awesome, even looking upclose lol
Good job keeping busy

knittingknirvana said...

Nice!! Aren't the felted clogs great?? I am admiring your February Lady and am contemplating casting one on for myself. I love your stockings too. It is all gorgeous!!