Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Socks

A few years ago, I made a concerted effort not to buy any new yarn and knit only from my stash, and the plan worked quite well. Now, it is time to do that again, and wow... I have a lot of really pretty yarn! I joined a 'stash knit down' group on Ravelry, and one of the groups-within-a-group is a 'personal sock club'. The idea is that you pick out several sock yarns, and pair them with patterns. Each month, you pull out a new yarn/pattern combo, and away you go. The first one for 2009 is Mad Color Weave using Shibuiknits Sock yarn.

Ain't it grand? The slipped stitches break up the minor pooling, and I love how the elements on the side split off down the foot and heel.

I took a one-evening intermission from knitting these socks, because I was struck by the desire to knit a reusable Swiffer dry mop cover. I cruised Ravelry, found a crocheted loopy cover, and decided to make a knitted version of my own:

It is not exactly a thing of beauty, but it is rather functional, picking up surprisingly large amounts of dust bunnies and lint and such from the floor. I would call it a success! It took about 1.4 ounces of that cotton Sugar and Cream yarn. It probably should/could take a bit less, as the 'sleeve' part really should be a bit shorter. I may tweak the pattern and then write it up in case anyone is interested.

Now, I have started up on the B-Side Cardigan by Cosmicplutoknits. It is a fabulous cardigan that I will knit up in black, and will hopefully serve well as a go-to piece to throw on over anything and everything. Here's hoping!


Gigi said...

LOVE that sock pattern! So many interesting textures and that split cable is such a great touch. =-)

Stacey said...

ooooo! I love that sock pattern! Great, another one to add to my queue!

Neat Swifter cover, I gotta make me one of those

knittingknirvana said...

Love the socks! I hear ya about knitting down the stash. ;) I would be interested in your revised pattern if it consists of the 4 crochet stitches I know. :)