Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sick of Winter Yet?

Because I'm not... at least, not quite yet. True, we'be been pummeled by snow, ice storms, snow, sleet, rain, snow and snow, and because of those factors my summer will be shortened by over a week, but I am not quite sick of it yet.

I have talked about this fact with a few different people and have come to a conclusion... it's the snow and the cold that get people down during the winter, and I have to deal with those two factors less than other people who live near me. First off, the snow: I live in a condo AND I park my car in a garage, so I am not responsible for any snow removal duties at all. Also, on especially bad days, I don't even have to drive to work, because it gets canceled. And, even if it is snowy and I have to go to work, it's only a couple of miles away - not exactly grueling. I remember last year when it took some coworkers 7 hours to drive home during a particularly ill-timed storm, it indeed took me 3 times longer than usual to get home... but... uh... it only took 30 minutes. Not exactly a hardship.

This brings me to the cold. My workplace is unpleasantly hot, so no shivering at work. Also, my home is all warm and cozy, so no shivering at home, either. I am sensible enough to put on long underwear when it is necessary for outdoor activities or what have you, so the cold isn't that terrible, either.

Now, don't get me wrong... this 'winter doesn't suck THAT bad' bravado usually lasts me until partway through March, and then I hit a wall. At that point in time, my feet start yearning for the spring's first pedicure and a pair of squishy flip flops, and I get super sick of putting on wool socks, sweater, hat, mittens, and scarf (under a warm coat, of course) every dang time I want to leave the house. I want to hear a damn bird tweeting, I want to enjoy an iced coffee, and awesomest of all, I want to know that I don't have to go to work for WEEKS! (that fact is why I don't feel all that bad about summer getting shortened - how in the world could I possibly whine about getting 7 weeks of vaca instead of 8? that would just be bitchy)

Speaking of summer vacation, I am starting to cook up some plans. I want to possibly go out to visit my brother and their new baby, who will be born some time in the next few weeks, and I am also thinking about whether or not I want to get some kind of part time job. The more I think about that one, though, the less possible I think it is... I work a week past when school ends, and have to go back a week before it starts... add in a week of traveling, and then I'm not that great of a summer hire, now am I? Good - scratch working off the list, haha!

In a few more hours, I'll be off to Maine for a nice, long weekend of relaxing and knitting. I do think I'm bringing my camera and laptop, so maybe I'll find the time to do some updates. I started my first knitting project last night, to get the ball rolling. New mittens by sunup? We'll see!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I went and saw the movie Coraline last night with my friend Marianne. If you haven't heard about it, it is a stop-motion, 3-D film, and is visually glorious to watch! I really enjoyed it, and am so glad I made the time to go and see it.

After I got home, I wasn't feeling all that great, so I went to bed at 9. I never do that, but I tell you what - I was super happy about that decision once the alarm went off this morning. I wouldn't QUITE use the phrase, "fresh as a daisy", but I still felt a whole lot better than I had when I went to sleep.

I'm getting pretty excited for tomorrow. Right after work, I will be heading up to Maine with Marianne and Nancy to "SPA", which has been referred to as the "knitting jamboree" by a certain non-knitting friend of mine. It's an apt enough name, to be sure! For the first time in a while, I have knitting FOR MYSELF planned, so there will actually be pictures to share, once the weekend is over. SPA is a gathering of many knitters, with no real game plan other than to hang out and knit and buy yarn and ogle each other's projects and go out to eat and shop in Freeport and whatever else... I have picked out a few projects to work on, most of which are small and fairly simple and will be easy enough to work on while chatting with other people.

Speaking of knitting, it might seem like I haven't done much of it in 2009... but I have actually completed 7 2/3 projects since the new year, just all for pay! There has been a sweater dress, a ribbed vest, a lace cardigan, a pair of sleeves, a bamboo pullover, panels for a knitted bag, a pea coat, and a halfway finished hat. They have all been cool patterns to work on, and I keep looking forward to the next project. What will those designers come up with next! One of the odd things is that I am always knitting up a size "small", meaning I never get to really see what the items would look like on me (well maybe the hat), since I am certainly not a small individual. And, barring some sort of wasting disease, I will never be a size small in the future! It sure is nice to knit such small garments, though... it goes a bit faster!

Anyway... I am debating whether or not to take my laptop up to SPA so I can post pics as the weekend goes along. I will certainly bring the camera!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Faster than a Speeding Glacier!

I was feeling very antsy today, what with all of the knitting for moneys I've been doing lately - I have to get up off the sofa every so often so as to ensure that the fibers from the upholstery don't start to meld to my backside. So, I decided that I'd go out for a walk/jog/ shuffle type bout of exercise activity. I checked the temperature, 40 degrees. Not too bad at all! What I did not account for was the wind - dear lord, I was popsicle-ized by the time I got home!

However, I did survive, and the cold definitely caused an increase rate of hustle.

I have this entire next week off from work. I already took care of the 'clean my apartment' portion of the to-do list, and really, that was the only one that would have been nagging at me had I not taken care of it. Now, it's back to knitting and relaxing.

Friday, February 06, 2009

A Good Time was Had by All!

As most of you seemed to remember, my birthday was yesterday! Wednesday evening, I was bestowed some delicious cupcakes, some soffffft yarn, and a bottle of wine. Thursday, my coworker baked me a cake, and in the evening, I went out for tasty beverages with friends.

The drink above was called an 'island girl'. It was mostly just fruity, and was 100% delicious! I had a very nice time chatting and laughing with friends... I couldn't have asked for a nicer evening! After I went home, I had a cupcake. Delicious!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Only Wednesday?!?

How can that be? Stuff and nonsense! Someone has clearly made a clerical error.

I don't know why, but this week is CRAWLING by. Ugh!

We have been getting pummeled by snow this winter, and it has started to affect my commute. On the way to school, there are a couple of roads where oncoming traffic is unable to pass one another... you have to time it right so that one of you can swerve in behind a parked car, let the other person pass, and then you can swerve back out and continue on your way. This fact made me late today as a school bus and a garbage truck encountered one another along the way... it is very difficult for such large vehicles to 'swerve' anywhere, and we all sat around mulling over various options. Eventually, a move was made and we all went along our merry ways... but I was still late.

I babysat again the other day. I created a new favorite game called 'monster'. It requires no fancy equipment, no skill... you place the child underneath the kitchen table, and then you pretend to be a monster, trying to catch the child and eat him. Fortunately, one need not be fast in order for this to be fun, because the game lasts longer if you never catch him/ her. I peppered in a few 'you look delicious' and 'I think I will add ketchup' phrases, and we had good fun for almost 45 minutes. 45 MINUTES! I then was getting understandably bored, so I said, "let's go do something else." He replied, "Okay, let's go play 'monster' in the other room!" Uhhhh.. not different enough! I guess I came up with a winner. I'll bet he was nice and tired that night, too!

I am still doing loads of secret 'not for me' knitting. In between, I am making slow progress on the B-Side Cardigan - slow because it's DK weight yarn on small needles, and it's knit in one piece up to the armpits... I think I have a few more inches to go until I get up to the pits, though. I'm excited to get to wear it someday; something tells me it is going to be a great go-to sweater.

Ooh, I have the January review for you, regarding my New Year's resolution to save money and pay off debt. If it hadn't been for my car repair bill, I would have had a stellar month! I wrote down every penny I spent and earned, and definitely noticed the difference when it came time to pay bills - not only did I shave off money owed by cutting bills (as previously discusses), but that bit of knitting and babysitting I did definitely added up to a noticeable amount of money. Unfortunately, the car repair means that my tax return will go *poof* as soon as I get it...