Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Only Wednesday?!?

How can that be? Stuff and nonsense! Someone has clearly made a clerical error.

I don't know why, but this week is CRAWLING by. Ugh!

We have been getting pummeled by snow this winter, and it has started to affect my commute. On the way to school, there are a couple of roads where oncoming traffic is unable to pass one another... you have to time it right so that one of you can swerve in behind a parked car, let the other person pass, and then you can swerve back out and continue on your way. This fact made me late today as a school bus and a garbage truck encountered one another along the way... it is very difficult for such large vehicles to 'swerve' anywhere, and we all sat around mulling over various options. Eventually, a move was made and we all went along our merry ways... but I was still late.

I babysat again the other day. I created a new favorite game called 'monster'. It requires no fancy equipment, no skill... you place the child underneath the kitchen table, and then you pretend to be a monster, trying to catch the child and eat him. Fortunately, one need not be fast in order for this to be fun, because the game lasts longer if you never catch him/ her. I peppered in a few 'you look delicious' and 'I think I will add ketchup' phrases, and we had good fun for almost 45 minutes. 45 MINUTES! I then was getting understandably bored, so I said, "let's go do something else." He replied, "Okay, let's go play 'monster' in the other room!" Uhhhh.. not different enough! I guess I came up with a winner. I'll bet he was nice and tired that night, too!

I am still doing loads of secret 'not for me' knitting. In between, I am making slow progress on the B-Side Cardigan - slow because it's DK weight yarn on small needles, and it's knit in one piece up to the armpits... I think I have a few more inches to go until I get up to the pits, though. I'm excited to get to wear it someday; something tells me it is going to be a great go-to sweater.

Ooh, I have the January review for you, regarding my New Year's resolution to save money and pay off debt. If it hadn't been for my car repair bill, I would have had a stellar month! I wrote down every penny I spent and earned, and definitely noticed the difference when it came time to pay bills - not only did I shave off money owed by cutting bills (as previously discusses), but that bit of knitting and babysitting I did definitely added up to a noticeable amount of money. Unfortunately, the car repair means that my tax return will go *poof* as soon as I get it...

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knittingknirvana said...

Today's Thursday! You are closing in on the weekend!! :)

When I was in high school and babysitting a 5 and 9 year old, I invented the "SIlent" contest. It is a very complicated game of seeing who could go the longest without making a sound. :) The kids would make silent faces while trying to get the other ones to laugh and then eventually we would bust out laughing. They LOVED it and I was just looking for a few moments of quiet.