Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost April!

March is a very tedious month in the field of education, as I believe I have mentioned before. The thrill of snow and cold weather is definitely over, and kids and educators alike are suffering from cabin fever. There are no long weekends in March, and it's just one grindingly long day after another. The teachers are frazzled, and the kids pick up on that... and act like untrained monkeys (minus the poo flinging, in most instances). These untrained monkeys are sent to me in droves as teachers' abilities to wrangle them into their seats decreases - it's been interesting, to say the least.

At any rate, this dreadful month (referred to as the "longest three months of the school year" by a former coworker) will be over quite soon, and this is rather good news to me. Yes, April brings lots of sogginess and rain, but rain does not need to be shoveled or scraped off the car at the end of the day. April means that there will be days where a light jacket will do for warmth, rather than a scarf and heavy coat. April means a long weekend for Easter, and a week off for April vacation. April means spending time outside without preparing for frostbite prevention, it means green stuff will start to grow again outside, and it means longer amounts of daylight after work. The kids are able to get outside and run around and burn off that untrained monkey energy, and the school year is 3/4 over. All good things.

Speaking of good things, my nephew Max was born over the weekend! He considerately did most of the work of coming out during regular daytime hours, although I doubt that helped the new mom and dad get any sleep that night! I will post a picture once I get permission to do so from the parents... some people do not wish their kids' photos to be shared on the internet, and I'd like to respect those wishes! Of course, to me, he looks like MY side of the family, but I"m sure the other side of the family is thinking the same thing! In all reality, he just looks teeny and squished and raisiny, just like any baby, but he sure is cute to me.

Well, back to wild monkey wrangling... happy almost April, everyone!

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Marianne said...

Yay! Congrats!