Friday, March 27, 2009

The Decision

So, I went ahead and decided to do the triathlon. It's a short one, 1/4 mile swim, 8 mile bike, 3.1 mile (5k) run. I have done a bunch of triathlons in the past, but we're really talking about the distant past at this point, particularly given my current physical conditioning levels! I am decidedly more husky than I was when I was doing triathlons regularly, and man... you can fool yourself about the significance of that extra weight during regular life, but NOT when you try to go out for a run or squeeze into your old cycling shorts. NOT. PRETTY. Cycling clothing can make certain people look like superheroes... I think my current look is much more akin to that of a sausage.

mmmmmm. sausage.

I shot off a quick email to the race organizers to inquire about the course conditions, notably, the average water temperature and the hilliness of the bike/run. I received a speedy response: the water temp is generally around 71-74, and the bike/run has "rolling hills". Sure, I would have liked to have received words that included "fast" and "flat", but... that is not the case. I suppose I will need to chart out some hillier bike and run courses, yes?

I sat on my bicycle for the first time in a while about a week ago and again last night. People, racing saddles are so very narrow. So very, very narrow. So narrow that I suspect the entire saddle is invisible to the observer, having hidden itself so far up my behind. (oh, my!) Will my posterior ever adjust? I do hope so. Hm, now that I think about it, it does not seem to hurt at this very moment, so maybe things are looking up. Otherwise, I might be tempted to purchase a new saddle, which might well push me over the precipice of the extremely slippery slope that is... PURCHASING TRI GEEK GEAR. Fortunately, I own an awful lot of tri-geek gear already... wetsuit, neoprene helmet for cold water swimming, aero bars, cycling shoes, various outfits, race belts, fuel belt, snazzy sunglasses, helmet, indoor trainer, etc. etc. etc... but I will most certainly need a new trisuit (see above 'sausage' reference) and possibly a new saddle, and maybe some Endurox R4, Hammer gel, bike gloves... you see where this could possibly lead!

I have also been thinking about the fact that we are entering the rainy season. I'm mentally preparing myself for some very damp runs and bike rides. Bleaugh!

Anyway, it's Friday, people! Even better, it's lunch time! This weekend promises to be a good one: weekly chores are already finished (except for vacuuming, so wear socks if you're coming over); the weather may be nice enough for an outdoor bike ride tomorrow, and tomorrow evening I'm going to a Horrorthon (10 hours of scary movies) at a friend's house. What fun!

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