Thursday, April 30, 2009

CT Sheep & Wool

Yeah, it's been almost a week since this event, but hey, at least I finally got to it! Last Saturday, Marianne and I drove down to Connecticut to check out the small but mighty CT Sheep & Wool show. It really only took us about an hour to walk through the whole thing twice, but... there were some lovely vendors and adorable animals. There was some beautiful alpaca yarn calling my name, but I resisted by thinking about how well I've been doing on my budget, and also thinking about my still gigantic stash waiting to be knit up!

It was a very, very warm day, and was really the first 'shorts appropriate' day so far this year... we went from the 60's to the 90's in one fell swoop! The animals were all panting and looking very hot... of course, you can't tell in the pictures, but I promise it's true.

"Shear me next... I'm hot!"

Mellow Llama:


This here was the teeny, tiny, teensy tiniest baby dwarf goat in the world. I wish there was something in the picture to show the scale... she weighed maybe a couple of pounds, I'd say. She didn't have a name, as she had just been born 3 days ago, and they weren't sure she'd live, because her mommy stomped her. :( Here, she is jumping and looking very lively. It's the least blurry of the action shots....
um, except for the peeing shot. A baby goat has got to go sometimes, you know?

Aaaaand here is another peeing animal picture. I know, I know... typical. This here is a brace of oxen named Tom and Jerry, who were 1600 and 1800 pounds. Again, the scale is not evident, but these dudes were LARGE and in charge. They were giving oxcart rides, and looked VERY hot. One of them was drooling quite profusely, and his drool threads were being blown around by the breeze - you couldn't get too close!
It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. It's a much smaller show than MA or NH, but still worth the time, especially on a nice day. If you recall, it was at this show that I bought my spinning wheel last year. It was cold and sorta rainy at the show last year, so I suppose it is still possible to have fun when it is not nice out, but still, I know which I prefer!


pigbook1 said...

I haven't seen you at friday knitting in awhile. You coming tonight?

Amanda said...

i was there last week.... but am not coming this week!