Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Brook Farm

Yesterday, I went for a nice walk in the woods at Great Brook Farm, in Carlisle, MA. It was an incredibly gorgeous day; I couldn't believe how beautiful a day it was! There were still mosquitoes who chomped away despite the "Australian Rain Forest Tested" bug spray I used, but for some reason, the bites aren't really all that itchy. I am grateful.

I had recently bought a new rechargeable battery for my pocket sized point & shoot digital camera, so I tucked it in my pocket and snapped a few pictures - it's a much easier camera to pack and pull out than the big ol' DSLR I have. I enjoy using the DSLR more, but... it is a bit unwieldy when tromping through the woods.

Here are some of the photos I took:

Look at how many lady slippers there were!

Here is another one... they were everywhere.

A poofy dandelion:

Just LOOK how gorgeous it was!

Another nice feature of this spot is that they have amazing ice cream there. I got butter crunch, and it was incredibly creamy, rich, and wonderful. Yeah, it kind of negates the exercise I did, but hey... it was worth it.

While we sat and ate our ice cream, we saw a bunch of geese across the pond. One of them seemed to be in trouble , flapping around and not following his family into the water. The family swam away, then mom quacked at him and went back to get him, but he did not follow. An intrepid human boy tiptoed toward the situation, and finally he and his dad figured out what was going on... the gosling was trapped with a length of fishing line! The mom watched carefully as the humans freed her baby... and then he swam happily out onto the water and joined the other geese. It was rather exciting, I must say! At first, I didn't realize the gosling was in trouble, and I thought that the boy was going to get nipped by an angry mom, but everything worked out okay in the end.

I saw a few excellent dung beetles, but the photos didn't turn out very well... I'm sure you are all quite disappointed.

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