Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Socks, New Yarn

No, I didn't buy new yarn... I just finished spinning up some fiber that has been on the wheel for a couple of months... for shame! The fiber was from Pigeonroof Studios on Etsy, in the "Bruise" colorway. It's a merino/ seacell blend, and I ended up with 418 yards of sock weight yarn. I am thinking that I will be knitting this up as gift socks, but have not totally decided yet.

Up next, a simple pair of ribbed socks, a gift for my brother. He doesn't read this blog, and even if he does... well, I'd be surprised, just as surprised as he'd be to see his new socks! They are big and baggy on me, and have been tried on by a dude with appropriately sized feet, so I assume they'll fit nicely. I tried Kraemer Yarn Saucon Sock for these; it's a rather nice blend of cotton, acrylic and nylon. I liked knitting with it, and it feels like it will wear well, too.

Next up, ONline Supersocke yarn; Priscilla's Dream Socks pattern. Short row toe and heel, toe up, and they fit quite nicely. I am also thinking I might give these away, but haven't decided yet.

There are also three unphotographed sweaters waiting in the wings... I am waiting for the 'perfect storm' of photography conditions, which would include:
1. Me being showered with my hair looking nice
2. The sweaters being around
3. A camera being around
4. Someone else being around who could photograph me
5. The light being good for getting nice pictures of my groovy sweaters
6. All of the above being true, AND me remembering!

These 'perfect storm' moments are few and far between, unfortunately. Two of the three sweaters turned out AWESOME, and I"m a little on the fence about the third. Stay tuned!

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