Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weird Dreams

We all have them. Ever since I've moved into an old mill building, I have occasional dreams relating to living in an old building. My actual home is watertight and snug as a bug, but in my dreams, sometimes there is only part of a roof, letting birds fly right in, and last night, there was water GUSHING down from the ceiling. (In my dream. Not in reality) I stood there, not knowing what to do, and then climbed up on a ladder and tightened a bolt on some pipe going across the ceiling. All gushing water stopped. Evidently, in my dreams, I am a plumbing genius.

I am assuming I dreamed about gushing water for a couple of reasons... it was raining, and I needed to use the "facilities". I will reflect on this theory the next time I dream about my home flooding...

I dunno what I feel like doing this weekend. Anyone have some good plans?

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pigbook1 said...

knitting Friday, but then I am just hoping there is good weather so I can knit out in my backyard. You are more than welcome to join me I might even make up burgers and adult beverages.