Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Weekend!

Was this weekend lovely, or what? Or, am I only able to remember yesterday, which was sunny and breezy and wonderful? Yeah, I guess that was it, actually.... because now that I think about it, Saturday was downright cold, and Sunday was spent sleepy and snoozy and waiting for the sky to open up... did it ever rain? I can't even remember now.

Monday really was the star of the show. I went to Newburyport to visit my friend Heather, and we went on a nice, long bike ride... I'd guess it was 30+miles. Unfortunately, the wind was fighting against us the whole way home - no wonder the trip out seemed so easy! And also, I evidently did a very poor job of applying my sunblock - dangit! I have lobstery legs and some odd patches of sunburn here and there in odd spots.

After the bike ride, we quickly chowed down some pasta and then walked into town... walking helps get out that lactic acid, of course. Oh, and the new gelato stand was also a contributing factor. Gelato is some good stuff.

Regarding the extra freezy Saturday, well, that was a very nice day, too... despite the fact that I was kinda cold all day! Bike ride, car ride, ice cream (sense a theme here?), and watching the NH Fishercats play ball. And fireworks at the end of the game! I love fireworks! Blammo!

I finally have a new knit-for-pay project, which is being knit out of Classic Elite's Princess yarn. So soft and nice! Merino, viscose, cashmere, angora and nylon. So soft and nice! The pattern has ribbing and cables, and the yarn shows off the patterning very nicely.

I also managed to eke out another pair of socks prior to receiving the pattern... and to start yet another pair. One of these days, I"m going to get someone to take pics of me in the 3-4 sweaters I have yet to photograph... they're good ones!

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