Thursday, June 04, 2009

Whoa, Another Job?

A while back, I mentioned that part time jobs keep falling in my lap. Today, it happened again! I received a call from Student Support Services (a department within the Lowell Public School Department) saying that there was a family that needed some mental health support over the summer. I won't be too specific about the family demographics, as it would be very easy to identify the family. It is a family that has arrived to the US fairly recently, and they have two children, both of whom have the same noncurable genetic disorder that prevents them from being able to go to school. The disorder is medical in nature, and the school environment is simply too dangerous to their physical well being.

Anyway, the children already receive in home tutoring and nursing assistance, but the school department and the family are worried about isolation and the children's mental health. Enter, me! The specifics of the job are a bit unclear, but it sounds like I might visit a couple of times a week and hang out/ interact with the kids. Even better, it is very close by to where I live, so it's not an annoying schlep anywhere inconvenient.

So, that's all of the information I have at the moment. I was very specific when I said I was not interested in anything more than a few small hours a week - so this would be pretty perfect, wouldn't it!

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