Thursday, July 09, 2009

Enjoying the Out of Doors

Last weekend, I spent some time at my parents' house. One of the things I did was go on a very hilly bike ride with my father... man, I am not used to those hills! And living where I do, I don't really get a chance to practice... let's be honest, I would not practice if I could avoid it! But, it's much hillier where my parents live, so I am forced into the hill climbs.

The next day, my left wrist hurt really badly. I think I put a lot of strain on my wrists when I ride. Not quite sure what to do about it.

I also took my camera into the woods and took some photos. Here are a couple of the ones I thought turned out the best. My parents live in the woods near some good granite quarry spots, and the old hollowed out quarried areas are full of water at times. See if you can spot the wee black tadpoles in the pool of water.

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