Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Leak Update, So Far

So, the leak occurred again last night, at the more acceptable time of 10 PM. How considerate.

I again called my neighbor and maintenance, and we all decided that the a/c should be turned off, and turned back on again an hour before the maintenance guy could arrive.

This guy was a bit more on the ball - he dumped a whole 4 liters of water into the drip pan, and blammo... leaking commenced. So, it appears that there is a leak somewhere in the line AFTER the drip pan.

Fortunately, my neighbor is agreeable to having his a/c unit looked at further, and will avoid turning on the a/c until the issue is resolved.

I must say, I am relieved that the actual cause was narrowed down... I was fearing a miserable cycle of leak-> maintenance -> "we don't know" -> leak -> maintenance... so on and so forth, with no one taking responsibility for rolling up their sleeves and taking responsibility for solving the problem.

That's it for now... several nights have been spent tossing and turning now, or managing drips, and having to get up early for repair personnel. I am tired, but wow, it looks like a gorgeous day out there!

I'll be sure to update again once an actual fix/solution has been put into place.

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Trinity said...

Sometimes the smallest things can turn into such a big pain in the butt. My fingers are crossed in hopes that you get a quick and accurate fix AND a good night's rest!