Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was sitting in my office this morning, minding my own business, when I suddenly spied a large-ish, dark shape moving across the floor. I looked up, and it was a dark brown ferret! What in the world?!?

At first, I tried to call it over to me... it is/was probably someone's pet, so it had to be friendly, right? (I know, I don't know what I was thinking, but whatever.) It didn't come over to me, just kept hopping around, so I calmly left the room and shut the door.

I found the custodian.

Me: Rick, you will never believe what I have trapped in my office right now.
Rick: (looking skeptical) what?
Me: A FERRET! Hand to God, Rick, there is a ferret in my office.
Rick: Are you sure it's not a rat?
Me: Yes, I'm sure it's not a rat.

We go back and forth a bit; Rick is hesitant to believe my tale of mystery and excitement.

I tell several other coworkers; no one believes me. "How did a ferret get into the building?"

I was a bit baffled by their question... this isn't exactly Fort Knox over here. Doors are propped open during deliveries, for instance, and ferrets are sneaky, squeezy little creatures.

My coworkers tromped upstairs and looked in through the window next to the door. The ferret was frolicking around, jumping up on the bookshelf, trying to knock my pictures down from the wall, and having a good old time. After a while, he appeared tired and rested in the corner. I took advantage of the moment and darted in to my office to grab my breakfast and my iced coffee; the ferret did not seem to mind. I really didn't want the ferret to eat my breakfast!

Anyway, animal control arrived in a fairly short period of time, and caught my little friend in one of those bags-at-the-end-of-a-stick contraptions. Now here comes the most exciting part:

Ferrets spray when they are scared. This spray smells rather terrible. Now, my office smells skunky/ musky/ animal urine-y. Ewwwww! Even grosser, I checked out the spots where I saw the ferret had climbed, and it looks like there are pee trails everywhere. GROSSSS! Fortunately, I have some all purpose cleaner and unlimited paper towels and some industrial spray disinfectant.

I just hope the ferret didn't sneak into my purse and use my cell phone to make any long distance calls.

It has been quite the week already... all of this happened before 9 AM today! Jeepers.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quincy Hat

In the middle of doing some knitting for pay, I've had occasion here and there to whip off a project or two. The most recent one is the Quincy Hat from the Brooklyn Tweed booklet by Jared Flood, put out by Classic Elite Yarns. That was a mouthful! Edited to add: I used Manos del Uruguay classic wool in the Wildflowers colorway.

Anyway, I really liked the simple yet very creative construction of this hat! The brim section is knitted flat, with built-in i-cord edging. You then put a twist into the brim, kitchener stitch the brim together, and pick up the crown stitches. Each step is relatively simple, but with enough interest to keep you wanting to knit more. And, the final result is super cute!

Here is an ultra glamorous shot of me in the bathroom mirror:

And here is a better shot at the crown:

The only changes I made were to go down a couple of needle sizes, and to cast on two fewer stitches when making the brim. I frequently like a slightly shallower hat than patterns call for.

Now, I'm trying to decide whether to make a matchy scarf by repeating the brim pattern, or to just use the same yarn in a different pattern. At this point, I can't decide!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Max's Knitted Socks, Leak Update

I had promised a leak update about a month ago; here it is: They fixed the leak. Huzzah!

Now, on to the knitting. I tweaked the Wee Tiny Elf Socks (ravelry link) pattern to fit a human baby foot, since it's originally designed to be just a little decorative sock. I also knitted the cuff lengthwise rather than knitting all of those little triangles one by one (I am too impatient for that). I think they turned out great!

Don't you just love those pointy toes???

I also made a pair of socks without pointy toes, using the Baby Keep Your Socks On pattern.

Both of these sock photos were more difficult to snap than you'd expect... it required a lot of assistance from other family members. We figured out that if we lifted him up in the air and then brought his feet down to the table, he'd keep his feet still for a split second... which is when you have to snap the photo!

Almost as great as the socks in the photo? Those cute little chubtastic legs!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Garbage Disposer!

A while back, I may have mentioned that my garbage disposal had kicked the bucket. With work resuming in two days, I finally figured that I had better get kickin' on some of those around-the-house jobs I've been meaning to work on.

I was initially worried that I would not be able to install it myself, but finally just went to the store to ask about how hard it really is. Turns out, it's not that difficult at all! It would have been easier if I had been able to find a unit that was compatible to my old one, but that was just not meant to be. However, the whole process, including rewiring and everything, took less than 1/2 hour. That's less time than it takes to put together an Ikea bookcase!

I have run the garbage disposer successfully already - no leakage, no problemo. I am tickled pink!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I started a post back on August 7, but then my computer started acting sassy, so I never got to finish! I am back from Oregon, where I finally met my new nephew, Max! I took about 150 pictures, and whittled them down to about 50 sharable pics... click here if you want to see them all, or simply enjoy a few selected pics below.

Here he is, enjoying the swing at the park... we pushed him very gently of course, since he can't quite sit up on his own yet...

Here is my brother, probably making entertaining noises for Max:

Max REALLY liked the flavor of my sister Liz's hand... he was going to town on it!

Napping in the baby carrier:

Enjoying his play mat:

I enjoyed my visit, particularly meeting Mr. Max. Of course, I also attended the Sock Summit, but that is for another post!