Sunday, August 23, 2009

Max's Knitted Socks, Leak Update

I had promised a leak update about a month ago; here it is: They fixed the leak. Huzzah!

Now, on to the knitting. I tweaked the Wee Tiny Elf Socks (ravelry link) pattern to fit a human baby foot, since it's originally designed to be just a little decorative sock. I also knitted the cuff lengthwise rather than knitting all of those little triangles one by one (I am too impatient for that). I think they turned out great!

Don't you just love those pointy toes???

I also made a pair of socks without pointy toes, using the Baby Keep Your Socks On pattern.

Both of these sock photos were more difficult to snap than you'd expect... it required a lot of assistance from other family members. We figured out that if we lifted him up in the air and then brought his feet down to the table, he'd keep his feet still for a split second... which is when you have to snap the photo!

Almost as great as the socks in the photo? Those cute little chubtastic legs!

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