Monday, August 24, 2009

Quincy Hat

In the middle of doing some knitting for pay, I've had occasion here and there to whip off a project or two. The most recent one is the Quincy Hat from the Brooklyn Tweed booklet by Jared Flood, put out by Classic Elite Yarns. That was a mouthful! Edited to add: I used Manos del Uruguay classic wool in the Wildflowers colorway.

Anyway, I really liked the simple yet very creative construction of this hat! The brim section is knitted flat, with built-in i-cord edging. You then put a twist into the brim, kitchener stitch the brim together, and pick up the crown stitches. Each step is relatively simple, but with enough interest to keep you wanting to knit more. And, the final result is super cute!

Here is an ultra glamorous shot of me in the bathroom mirror:

And here is a better shot at the crown:

The only changes I made were to go down a couple of needle sizes, and to cast on two fewer stitches when making the brim. I frequently like a slightly shallower hat than patterns call for.

Now, I'm trying to decide whether to make a matchy scarf by repeating the brim pattern, or to just use the same yarn in a different pattern. At this point, I can't decide!

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Stacey said...

that turned out cute! I just bought Made in Brooklyn & I'm dying to make some of the patterns! :)