Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shoulderette Bonanza!

As promised, I will now share the details of the three shoulderettes I knit up over the past couple of weeks. In the past, I have been very insistent that shawls and scarves should be enormous and should wrap around the neck one meeeeelion times. However, I have more recently decided that this is perhaps too narrow a view, and that perhaps there is room in this world for a smaller version of the shawl. Enter, the shoulderette.

First up, was Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman. I used a skein of Malabrigo Sock Yarn in the "Solis" colorway. The yarn color was gorgeous, and I can tell it would be lovely and squishy as socks, as well. I also adored the knitting pattern - there were several different pattern charts, which kept things interesting. And not only were the charts interesting, but the resulting knitted fabric/ pattern was soooo pretty! Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn with 1/2 a row left to go, plus the bindoff. What a dilemma - do I buy another $20 skein of yarn? Ugh, for just one more row? Nooooo! Instead, I went onto Ravelry and searched for completed projects worked out of the same yarn/ colorway. I ravmailed a couple of those people who lived fairly nearby, and asked them if they had any leftovers. Indeed, I found several people willing to send me some of their leftovers, and I was able to complete the project! The donated yarn wasn't really the right color due to differences in dye lots, but because it was just the bindoff in question, the difference wasn't noticeable. If I had had to change mid-project, it would have been a much bigger problem.

Check out how pretty:

Some of the flowery lace and edging detail:

Up next was the Zetor Scarf by Jatta Soheltaa. I used a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn, which I really enjoy working with. It is a very rough, primitive, and rustic yarn, with very unusual color combinations, and I just love that about it. The pattern itself was simpler than that of Laminaria, which was a better fit for the more busy/stripey nature of the Noro yarn.

Check it out:

And last but not least, the Aeolian shawl, again by Elizabeth Freeman. I used 1 1/3 balls of Knitpicks Shadow in the Snorkel colorway. When I ordered this yarn, I was super disappointed when it arrived, because the color was WAY off from how it looked online, at least on my home computer. Now that I look at it from work (naughty, naughty), it actually looks more accurate. It's a lovely color, but is very close to a knitpicks lace yarn I've used in the past for TWO different shawls! Blagh. Anyway, I decided to suck it up and use it anyway - no sense in wasting perfectly good yarn! You will also notice it's awfully close to the Malabrigo sock yarn I used for the first shoulderette in the post... too bad, so sad!

Again, I really enjoyed this pattern. There were several different charts to work through, and the pattern includes nupps, which look so cool in the finished project! The pattern also called for beads, but I decided to omit them this go 'round. I did do two extra repeats of the "Yucca" chart to make the final size a bit larger than the wee shoulderette size, which meant that I ended with 599 stitches to cast off at the end. Elizabeth uses a nice bindoff that provides enough stretch to block out nicely at the end, and it is firm enough that it's not rolling up all over the place. I like it.

Here are some photos:

And looky here at those wonderful nupps:

I have to say, I hope that Elizabeth Freeman writes more and more patterns... it may mean that my shawl collection becomes ridiculously huge, but who cares? It's more about the enjoyment of the knitting for me than it is the utility of each and every knitted project.

I'm currently working on another for-pay project, but I'll be sure to share more pics as more projects are completed...


Trinity said...

Holy cow! You are quiet for a while and then BAM, you hit us with a great set of posts chock full of amazing projects. How are we supposed to be able to absorb so many awesome FOs all at once?!
My favorites are the Aoelian shawl and the Slanting Gretel Tee.

Peldyn said...

Oh Tiny I adore those! I would buy one if you would knit it for me.