Thursday, October 08, 2009

Autumn is Kinda Here...

The evenings are coldddd, the leaves are turning, apples are being picked by the meeeelions. It must be Fall!

With this time of year also comes my favorite bike riding weather... cool and sunny. I took a nice bike ride from Great Brook Farm a couple of days ago, and took some photos afterward. I also got test-stung by a bee... on the butt. That was not my most favorite part of the day.

I did enjoy seeing this nice woolly bear... I resisted the urge to pat it... might as well leave it alone. Plus, I think I ran over a dead one on my ride, and I was feeling a little guilty.

Look at those lovely clouds!

This picture made me think I was peeking into a secret glen - check out the foliage I spy!

More foliage:

Some neato pods:

On that day, I enjoyed two things that seemed like such extravagant expenses at the time... my fancy schmancy custom bicycle, and my snazzy camera. But since I've gotten the bike, I have enjoyed it every time I took it out for a ride, and I have taken over 6000 photos with my camera since I got it a couple of years ago. That's an average of over 8 pics a day... I'd say it was well worth the investment!

I'm planning on doing a bit of leaf peeping this weekend... crossing my fingers for some decent weather and clear skies!

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Peldyn said...

Love the pictures! I wish we got Fall color here, but the leaves just turn brown and fall off.