Monday, November 09, 2009

Broomstick Lace

I stumbled across some broomstick lace somewhere on Ravelry the other day, and immediately decided that I needed to try it. The internet being what it is, I was able to find several tutorials, and got to work. Basically, you use a crochet hook and an oversized knitting needle or broomstick or a broomstick lace 'pin', whichever you happen to have available. You begin by creating a chain of a multiple of 4-6, then get down to business!

"Business" = alternating rows of pulling up big loops and putting them onto the broomstick, then bunching those loops together and creating a row of single crochet. That's the simplest way I can figure out to explain the basic nature of broomstick lace.

Of course, all of the pictures online were 'backwards' for me, since I'm left handed, and I needed a bit of experimentation time to make sure I was working into the correct loops.

Here's a photo of the scarf I'm making; I'm using some of my own handspun yarn. The effect is quite different using a thick/thin slubby yarn versus a very smoothly spun yarn, but both are very visually appealing to me. Also, this works up fairly quickly, and I will definitely be including this technique in my scarf making activities in the future. Very fun and different!


Cozy said...

I haven't used that technique in years and even when I did it wasn't as pretty as your scarf.

knittingknirvana said...

Very cool!

tnt said...

Nice scarf

LifeAdorned said...

very nice!!

i haven't tried broomstick lace yet, but it's on my to-learn list.

i didn't know (or maybe i forgot) that you were a lefty. i am too, and i have the same experience of having to mentally 'flip' everything.

Peldyn said...

So pretty, brings to mind hairpin lace.
So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I forgot to make a vegetable this year. I blame it on my cold. Everyone said they ate enough veggies from the ones I set out with dip before dinner.