Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I spent a quiet day up at my parents' house, with mom, dad and grandma. It was a very low key afternoon, and the most melodramatic thing that happened was that mom forgot to serve the stuffing! It just sat right there in the bird, with none of us even noticing that it was missing from our plates!

One thing that I think everyone is grateful for is family. My brother sent us the most recent picture of my nephew, who is now sitting up and looking adorable:

I can't wait to see him at Christmas... just a month away!

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Half The Bartlett Pair said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (hope you remember me-ravelry, borts00. Dad is our biz mgr).
Tell your mom not to feel bad, as I forgot to serve the cranberry sauce! Such staples being forgotten, no way! Fortunately, there was PLENTY of food. Max is adorable! He looks like a Hosmer, like your dad actually!