Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rhinebeck, part deux, extremely late!

Because I have been so remiss in posting this update, I'll get right to the point of sharing yarn pictures!

The first two are worsted weight yarns from Maple Creek Farms, in a wool/merino blend. I have several skeins of the first, solid yarn, and will use the variegated yarn to do a 'fake isle' style pattern on the sweater I am planning for:

And although I have a zillion skeins of sock yarn, I couldn't help but pick up this lovely yarn from Creatively Dyed:

I am always drawn to variegated sock yarns, so I feel that it is important to build up the stash of solid and semi-solid sock yarns... so this purchase was a success!

Next post, I plan on sharing some great fall foliage pics I took a couple of weeks ago... it was a perfect day for it, and the pics turned out great... stay tuned!

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