Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Holidays: The Problem, and The Cure!

We all know what the problem with the holidays is... rushing around, trying to find gifts for everyone, cooking cleaning, party hopping, and whatever else is unique to your own life.

For me, my regular job is extra busy around this time... when teachers are stressed, kids are stressed, which stresses teachers out even more, which stresses kids out to the max! My office has been a busy place, because it's one of the places stressed kids get sent.

In addition, it's the busy season for selling jewelry, and I spent the first two weekends in December at my studio, selling things. This past week, I brought my jewelry in to work, brought it to our monthly social work staff meeting, and then brought it to knit night up in New Hampshire. By the end of this week, I was totally frazzled!

Friday night, I was so 'on' that I really couldn't sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, going through checklists of things that still need to be done, FINALLY fell back to sleep, and was then awakened at 5:50 AM by a terrifying zombie dream. TERRIFYING! My heart was in my throat, and I think I woke up gasping in fear. At that point, I gave up on getting any more sleep, and just got up for the day.

Anyway, the jewelry selling frenzy is over for now, most of my gifts are in order, and my 11 day winter break starts after work tomorrow. To celebrate, I BOOKED A MASSAGE. A friend of mine mentioned that Oasis Day Spa in Lowell, MA was having a 50% off sale on all spa treatments, so I signed right up! I was hoping to get the appointment for tomorrow after work, but ended up having to book for last night.... ohhhhhhh my, it was so very relaxing! The name of the massage therapist was Erin, and she was really great. It was a very nice combination of relaxing massage and deep tissue work to get out some of those awful knots that build up - I hate it when there is NO deep tissue work, but I suppose an hour of deep tissue might be a bit awful! Anyway, hot stones were involved as well, which I really liked, and I totally started falling asleep and SNORING at one point. I figure that is actually a high compliment to a massage therapist, that it feels so good and relaxing that you fall asleep, right? Another big plus was that Erin took her cues from me regarding when I wanted things to be all quiet, and when I was feeling more like chatting a little... I wish I could go every week! THAT would be nice...

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