Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Max the Conqueror!

I jumped the gun and HAD to try the hat on Mr. Max before gifts were exchanged... I just couldn't resist! It's not like he knows it was supposed to be a gift anyway, right? Without further delay, here he is - and the hat is a perfect fit, with just a little room to grow.

(Back story: My family JUST congregated last night for our family Christmas celebration) - tonight will be Christmas Eve, complete with a Thanksgiving-like turkey meal, as requested by my sister who lives abroad where there is no Thanksgiving. As is traditional in our family, we will open most Christmas gifts tonight, after an early-ish dinner. I always loved that when I was a kid - after I opened my presents, I ran to the phone to tell all of my friends what I got, and they were always VERY envious that I had gotten my gifts a full 12 hours before they had! Tomorrow will be Christmas day, where we open up our stockings. When we were younger, "Santa" filled the stockings, but now that we are all much older, we pick names from a hat and fill the stocking of a family member; it takes the burden off of Santa. It's fun to try and guess who filled your stocking!

Well, although we are just about to have a merry Christmas, I know it's almost New Year's... I need to nail down that resolution thingy, and soon! Or maybe since Christmas was late, I have some more time to decide, hmmm...

Stay tuned for more Max pics... I've already taken a bunch!


Cece said...

Oh. my. God.

That hat is redonkulous.

LifeAdorned said...

that looks so good on him!!

Lynne said...

That is just too cute!