Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Resolutions, Revisited

So, we are quite close to the end of 2009 now, and I have to say that my budgeting resolution for the year has been a screaming success! To recap, I had a goal of decreasing wasteful spending, so that I could start paying down my debt more aggressively. I reviewed all of my bills, cut down monthly expenses where I could (I STILL miss my DVR, sniff), started writing down every penny I spent, and started working various extra jobs as they came my way.

I have kept up with the blistering repayment pace I set for myself, and will continue to do so until the only debt I have left is my main mortgage. At this rate, this magical date will be approximately 30 months from now, and I can hardly wait!

I had never been much of a resolution maker until a couple of years ago... but in 2008, I resolved to reduce my use of plastic bags, and that went quite well, too. I am still using reusable shopping bags on a very regular basis.

So the question is, what to tackle next? The idea I've been toying with is to adopt a new eco-friendly habit every month. It could be small things, like not using that after-shower spray every day, or not using popup bathroom cleaning wipes. I am also thinking about ways to stop using/consuming products with loads of creepy ingredients, and either making my own, or shopping for organic/ earth friendly alternatives. I already make my own laundry detergent, so that's cool...

I am still shopping around for ideas, though... and still have a couple of weeks to decide!


knittingknirvana said...

Good for you! I have enjoyed watching your progress on less spending/debt and you have done so well!!! 30 months isn't far away at all!

Trinity said...

That is great! In the grand scheme of things 30 months isn't that long. I will be interested to hear how much this shapes your spending habits after you've reached your 30 month goal.