Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Tis the (dark) Season

I'm kind of glad this is the time of year to be bustling around, shopping, and preparing for the holidays, because otherwise, I might get around to noticing that it's pitch black out there most of the time I'm not at work! We're getting closer and closer to the date when the days start getting longer again, though, and I'm grateful for that.

I know nobody likes getting to work and leaving from work in the dark, so I won't claim that I'm special and deserve your sympathy, because I know you're probably in the same boat, too! I also think it is cruel to design work offices without any natural light... I neeeeeeeed to see the sun, please!

Soon enough, I hope...


Trinity said...

amen to that! when i got home from work (and working out after work), i was heading out to shovel the snow (it was my turn) when my husband said "you are going to shovel in the dark?" and my reply was "it is ALWAYS dark when i am at home." i would have had to let the snow sit there until the weekend if i was going to wait to shovel in the daylight. i'm very much looking forward to the solstice.

sukeyknits said...

You definately need a window - it's sub-standard working conditions! Thanks for the tea advice. I didn't reazlie that Lapsang was a type of tea and not brand specific.