Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Will the World Remember You?

A friend of mine tweeted this question today... "How will the world remember you when you're gone?" It gave me food for thought...

To be perfectly honest, I have absolutely no aspirations whatsoever to have "the world" remember me. I will be completely satisfied if a few close friends and family members think of me fondly. Hopefully, those few close friends and family members will have a nice knitted item from me that they can remember me by, paired with some funny memories of fun things we did together.

What about you? Do you wish the world to remember you? Will you be perfectly happy if only a dozen or so people show up for your memorial service, or will you only feel that your life was well lived if hundreds of seats are overflowing with people?


Hailey said...

I'd have to say that honestly, I won't mind if I die and no one knows my name. I would mind though, if I died and all my work was forgotten by everyone. What I mean is, if three or four people remember me as an artist that inspired them, I would be happy.

And you wouldn't want to miss my funeral. There'll be an open bar and tango dancing =P

yarnophiliac said...

I hope when I am gone, they don't have a service, but a party, and laugh at all the fun, silly, crazy things I have done. And if it only my nearest and dearest, well, that is OK, because those are the people who count. How many times does the pillar of the community have a service with standing room only, but their family -- and their children -- remember a very different person at home? I think you have it all exactly right, my friend. :)