Sunday, March 07, 2010

Don't look now...

but I think Spring might be on its way!

Yeah yeah, I am breaking the longest silence this blog has ever seen, but what can I say... I have been very busy, with nothing very noteworthy! Lots and lots of knitting for pay, no knitting for fun, and a few social outings sprinkled in here and there.

I just got back from my first outdoor bike ride of the season. I kept it short, only about 12 miles... I could have gone longer, but I want to ease my butt back into things, rather than having an incredibly sore posterior the next time I go out. My backside has been through enough over the years, and needs to last me a long, long time (or so I hope - gotta make sure not to walk under any dangling pianos), so I might as well treat it reasonably well.

It's lovely out there today! Of course, it's all relative: I follow someone on Twitter who is supposedly all tough and manly and swings really heavy kettlebells for exercise, but was whining about whether or not he could do an outdoor workout... it was warmer than it is here today! (he's in Texas) But around these parts, 50+ Fahrenheit means all kinds of people frolicking outdoors in various states of undress.

When I got back home, one of my neighbors asked me, "where in the WORLD are you coming back from in THAT costume?" Uhhhh, does the bicycle not give it away? Is it too subtle a hint for you??? I managed not to give a snarky response, but I did think it was a very funny question.

Hm, what else has been going on? I turned *cough cough* thirty seven about a month ago, I went down to CT to visit my childhood friend Laura, I've done some knitting, some hibernating from the cold, and have started working out with kettlebells. Now, those are good fun, I tell you.

I make no promises that I will blog any time soon, but who knows... maybe one of these days, I'll have something extra interesting to report! Until then, enjoy the Spring!

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sukeyknits said...

Happy belated birthday and welcome back! If you hadn't added "working out" to kettleballs I would have thought you had taken up some new, cool crafty craft!