Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I know, I am nuts.

Well, here it is, less than 48 hours after getting a tooth pulled, and I just called the dentist to try and make plans to get rid of the rest of my wisdom teeth!

How in the world did I go from traumatized and whimpering, to excited to have it happen again, in such a short amount of time? Well, for one thing, I already don't need any pain relief - I woke up today not even needing a single Advil, so the unknown is now known to me: feeling better afterward is a much shorter process than I had realized. Second, I can already tell how much EASIER it is going to be to brush all of my teeth - those wisdom teeth have been giving me trouble for two decades... enough is enough!

So, I have made the appointment for about a month from now, to get the other upper wisdom tooth yanked, and at that time, my dentist will analyze the situation for the lower ones, and I guess we'll go from there.

Wish me luck!

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tnt said...

Nuts, like children not all teeth are the same. But of course I wish you good luck.