Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yeah, yeah... two posts in one day. But I figured a good meal out deserved its own post. And no, I didn't bring my camera, which I REALLY should have!

I went out to eat last night at the new restaurant, Stur, which is located in downtown Lowell. It serves lovely, fancy Mediterranean food (I always spell Mediterranean wrong the first go-round, I swear) in small portions, Tapas style, I suppose, but not Spanish food... so you are meant to get 2-3 plates per person and share them around the table.

The food was delicious! We got a grilled Romaine salad, which caused my friend Heather to want to go back into the kitchen and lick the grill (ha ha), a wonderful mushroom risotto, perfectly cooked seared scallops (and we all know how easy it is to overcook scallops), and pistachio encrusted lamb lollipops. Each thing was more delicious than the rest, and I definitely recommend checking it out. We left feeling full but not sick to our stomachs, and I cannot WAIT to go again. MMMmmmmMMMmmmmm.

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Lizmo said...

lamb lollipops?! sounds heavenly indeed!!