Monday, April 05, 2010

Poison Spraying Robots??

About once a week, I walk to the library, hand in the books I had at home, and check out a new book or two. Today was such a day, and it was just so nice out! I even wore my flip flops - a true sign of wonderful weather if ever there was one.

The walk is fairly short, and is usually pretty uneventful... but today, at a main intersection, there was a man holding several posters that he had hand printed, and warned of the dangers that laid in wait JUST a couple of blocks away.

Evidently, Bin Laden is in cahoots with our government, and has disseminated POISON - FILLED MINIATURE ROBOTS in the downtown Lowell area! I had no idea!!! This man was shouting, warning us all not to go downtown, or we would get sprayed by these robots. Several possible conversation starters entered my head:

"What are the signs that you have been poisoned? Is it a rash? LIKE THE ONE I HAVE ON MY ARM RIGHT HEEEEERE???" (waves arm in his face)

"I am from the CDC and I believe you have stumbled upon a very important, covert government conspiracy. We need your valuable information, so that we may disperse HAZMAT vans throughout the city to contain the contamination. Of course, it may ALREADY BE TOO LATE."

In a rare fit of good judgment, I kept my fool mouth shut.