Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Cut!

All right, might as well try and breathe some new life back into this blog. I have taken loads of pictures over the last six months that I never got to edit, but that endeavor sounds a little overwhelming for bed time on a Thursday night. Boy howdy.

So instead, I will begin this story with a picture:

Yes, that is a giant pile of hair next to my toe! The end result was this:

After two months, it now looks like this:

At first, I was a little dazed - it's a big change, after all! Now, I'm used to it for the most part... but looking at that last picture (yes, I'm wearing my zebra print bathrobe, what of it???), I'm thinking I shouldn't wait a whole month for my next hair cut... although I am going to wait! Shaggy city!

Anyway, that's what's new with me. Or, new-ish. Next, I'll have to start hacking away at those pictures I have been taking of those amazingly wild and exciting adventures I've been having.

1 comment:

Anne said...

I LOVE your new haircut!! It's so cute and it brings so much light to your face! I especially love the way you have little curls around the edges - ADORABLE!