Monday, September 05, 2011

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I love learning new things. This past summer, I took a bartending course, because I've always wanted to. Actually tending a bar for money sounds hellish to me... standing on your feet for hours and hours, dealing with drunk people, trying to remember drinks, ruining your shoes from all that sticky liquor dripping onto them (or so I would imagine), loud environment, late, late hours... but I'm getting away from the point. I really enjoyed learning how to do a counted pour, how to mix drinks, and it was fun to meet new people.

The latest thing I became interested in learning about was how to create a Bento Box meal. I have only ever eaten such meals at Korean or Japanese restaurants, but recently saw cute pictures of Bento style meals online. So, I decided I needed to try it for myself!

I didn't want to invest in any fancy boxes or materials quite yet, in case I didn't really enjoy making or eating meals in this way. I did, however, go to HMart, a giant Korean grocery store in Burlington, to get a few interesting ingredients.

I bought some ready - made items, such as the Korean omelet, Kimchi, spicy anchovies, and marinated (uncooked) chicken. I also cooked up some millet and some brussels sprouts.

I then read up on how to pack the food into a bento box, and tried to make mine look okay. I think it's all right for a first try, but I will try to plan ahead better for more colorful meals and try to get better at packing things neatly.

I don't have the cutesy rice balls with faces, or interestingly molded hard boiled eggs... but I do think it makes the meal look pretty interesting! What do you think?

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