Monday, February 27, 2012

The Verdict for February

Sure, it's not quite the end of the month, but I'm calling it close enough. My goal for the month was to focus on my sleep habits and try to improve the quality and quantity of my nightly sleep.

The verdict is guarded. I do not seem to be able to sleep for more than 6 or so hours at a time. I am awakened by noises, or needing to use the bathroom. It is sometimes hard to fall asleep at first, and it is very difficult to stay asleep for a whole night's sleep, regardless of the consistency with which I stick to a bed time routine. (Includes not drinking water in the evening, exercising almost daily, eating well, getting into bed by 10, not napping, using white noise machine, etc)

My mother has lent me a book that she said helped her meditate to the point of falling asleep. I will be reading it and seeing if anything in there is helpful. I think my biggest resistance is that I don't feel like I should HAVE to take heroic measures in order to SLEEP. I'm not stressed, other than being TIRED, I am not ruminating over things that are bothering me, I am just AWAKE and it is incredibly annoying.

I think it's also true that my body naturally wants to sleep at times that are very different from the time frame that is available to me. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about that.

Final verdict: I will continue to practice the good habits I put into place this month, and sincerely hope that my body will take it all under advisement. I'll also see if meditating will help at all.

Stay tuned for March's goal... it's a big one!

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Britt ( said...

this may be a stupid question, and I actually meant to ask you at spa. Have you documented all of this and talked to a doctor. If you have already done all the work of documenting you may be able to hop right to a sleep study.