Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hello, June!

Despite my general dislike of gyms, I decided to step things up a bit, join a gym, and get some personal training!  So, my June goal is related to that.

1.  Weight train three times a week
2.  Cardio two times a week
3.  Review progress at the end of the month and assess whether to continue the plan as-is, modify it, or drop it

So, if I don't like gyms, why did I join?  Well, I thought back to when I was in very good cardiovascular shape about 10 years ago, and I was stopped right in my tracks by injuries.  I had great endurance, but obviously did not have enough strength to sustain all the punishment I put my body through.  I not only want my heart and lungs to be strong, but my body, too.

We'll see how it goes!

Friday, June 01, 2012

May Review

To review my goals for May, it was to make a halfhearted attempt at #1 and #4 from April:

1. Clean condo, section by section, reorganize, dust, throw away items as you go.
4. Assess utility of the plan, consider developing a maintenance plan

I did get a nice start on my "media center", cleaned off the coffee table, and finally dealt with various "cordtangle" problems in my condo.

Here is my media center cordtangle "before" picture: 

And here is the "after" picture of how the media center looks!  There are zero cords touching the floor at this moment.  :)

Every time I take a look at it, I feel very happy.

I think I'll post later on in the weekend about my goal for June.  We're definitely stepping away from tidying as a goal and onto something else!