Friday, June 01, 2012

May Review

To review my goals for May, it was to make a halfhearted attempt at #1 and #4 from April:

1. Clean condo, section by section, reorganize, dust, throw away items as you go.
4. Assess utility of the plan, consider developing a maintenance plan

I did get a nice start on my "media center", cleaned off the coffee table, and finally dealt with various "cordtangle" problems in my condo.

Here is my media center cordtangle "before" picture: 

And here is the "after" picture of how the media center looks!  There are zero cords touching the floor at this moment.  :)

Every time I take a look at it, I feel very happy.

I think I'll post later on in the weekend about my goal for June.  We're definitely stepping away from tidying as a goal and onto something else!

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