Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bagely Experiment

I like bagels a lot. A super lot. If sesame seeds are involved, even better. However, white bagels aren't really unusually healthy, and whole wheat bagels are harder to come by than I think is necessary. So, I am currently trying to make bagels. I assume it will take a few tries. Sadly, I fear I have already failed making authentic, chewy, bagely bagels... the recipe said that the bagels should initially sink into the water, and mine did not sink. Here is a picture of my creepy bagels floating in the water- yes, I feel that they look creeeeepy at this point:

And here is a picture of them, fresh out of the oven:

Ugh, waiting for tasty bagels to cool down is evil! The verdict? They taste good, are kind of chewy, but are not quite bagely. Not sure what to do to improve the situation, but will keep trying. And, I think we can all safely admit that they are not unusually attractive, or even in size. But they certainly have character and taste good with a schmear of cream cheese!

Earlier today, Cece came on by for some knitting, but instead, crocheting ensued. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was little, and my mother taught me to knit. One of the first things I ever learned how to make well was cotton dishcloths. Today, Cece and I made crocheted dishcloths- here is mine:

I feel like there are just too many 'holes' in this pattern for it to be a truly useful dishcloth, but it was still fun to make, and I've been wrong before- maybe the 'holes' will not be a problem. Who knows- maybe Cece will post a pic of hers on her blog!

It also turns out that it's a good thing that I crocheted instead of knitted... I have been toiling away on a sweater for Cece's stepmother, which she pawned off on me because she hated the yarn. I think the yarn is okay, but the pattern is one of the worst written patterns. Ever. I did another sweater from the same book, but I don't remember having such ridiculous problems. Cece started working the back, so when I got the materials, I continued. But then? It said: 'work until same length as front'. Argh. So, I switched to knitting the front... when I got to a certain point, I had to knit a yoke piece, which I was told to knit until it was 'long enough to reach the center back'... which I can't finish until the front is finished! SO irritating. So the latest thing is that I began knitting the right front piece... and forgot about the buttonholes. I am beside myself with irritation and serious amounts of woe. To make matters worse, I had some flowers in my condo that started to die and now I appear to have a 'fruit fly problem', despite having thrown away the flowers and put all food/ fruit in the fridge, and I've been throwing away the garbage and everything. So, now, I have a good number of roommates. Luckily, they only eat my garbage and not my GOOD food. Sorry, that had nothing to do with knitting, but was still entertaining, at least to me!

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