Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back to Work

Sigh. Another summer has slipped away from me, and I started back at work this past Monday. However, I am at a new school, and new means different, unknown, and full of potential. That can be fun! However, since I'm new AND the school has never had a full time social worker before, I don't really think they know what to do with me this week, and I have had serious moments of intense boredom. I mean, it really doesn't take much time to set up one's office, particularly when said office contains a desk, a file cabinet, and a desk with chairs. And a closet, 1/3 of which is permanently locked. I unpacked my meager belongings in about an hour. On Monday. Several days ago. And, I have no computer... yet. I have been assured that said item is forthcoming.

Now, one thing that IS fairly exciting for moi, miss Bead and Fiber Babe, is that there is an after school program, and I have been cordially invited to teach an after school class in whatever subject I might like, pending appropriateness as determined by the funding source. I think it needs to be somewhat educational, and there needs to be a finished project. Hm. A finished project, like, perhaps a baby blanket to be donated to a local charity? Why, Knitting and crocheting are certainly educational! There is math, planning, patience, cooperation between peers, and there is learning about charities and stuff. It is a groovy prospect. And of course, knitting and crocheting require enough patience that the annoying, impatient kids will drop out immediately. BUWAHAHAHAHA!

I will let you all know if I will indeed be teaching some sort of fiber arts class. Cool!

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